The Network's Activities at Adaptation Fund Board Meetings


One of the main aims of the Adaptation Fund NGO Network is to provide concrete policy recommendations and suggestions to the Fund's Board. The Network aims to share on-the-ground experience of its members with the Board, ensuring that the views of local CSOs are reflected in the decisions to be taken at the Fund's Board meetings.

While the Adaptation Fund includes several best practices for promoting stakeholder engagement and participation (such as the CSO Dialogue and the opportunity for stakeholders to comment on project proposals), there is still room for improvement. The Fund's two Committees currently meet in closed sessions and civil society observers have no seat at the table to contribute to discussions on distinct agenda items to be discussed during Board meetings. Thus, the Network is currently actively working on enhancing these opportunities for civil society engagement and participation in the Fund's Board.

Our network has also taken the initiative to publish a "Briefing Paper" before each Adaptation Fund Board meeting in which it articulates concrete recommendations and policy suggestions for decisions to be taken during Board meetings.

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