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Draft Governance Arrangements for the Adaptation Fund Civil Society Network

Consultation Process

The Adaptation Fund (AF) Civil Society Network, formerly the ‘AF NGO Network’, initiated its work in 2010 as an informal coalition of a few civil society organisations (CSOs) engaging in discussions and debates on AF policies and closely following the planning and implementation of AF projects. This previously rather informal initiative of mainly a few Southern CSOs became institutionalized over time, resulting in the formulation of the AF Civil Society Network’s governance arrangements outlined in this draft document.

This small core group of mainly Southern CSOs promoted this process of institutionalising the Network and aim to engage further CSOs in this process. The draft governance arrangements for the AF Civil Society Network in the present document have been jointly developed by this small core group. Germanwatch and Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano have jointly facilitated and coordinated this process with limited funding by the International Climate Initiative (IKI).

Now it is the objective to consult those draft goverannce arrangements for the AF Civil Society Network with a broader group of CSOs active in the fiedl of adaptation finance and other key stakeholders. the aim of this consultation process and the suggested governance arrangements is to ensure that the AF Civil Society Network remains a legitimate, transparent and participative platform to coordinated and facillitate CSO engagement in the AF.


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