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State of play in adaptation finance

An overview of different adaptation initiatives in ten countries and beyond
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Climate change threatens countries which are most vulnerable to extreme weather events like floods, droughts and storms. Through adaptation projects, the population can learn to adapt to these climate risks and strengthen the resilience of important sectors like agriculture. There exist several climate funds which support adaptation projects. This paper aims to give an overview of the activities of the most active funds in this field.

As a social-feedback mechanism the Adaptation Fund NGO Network (AFN) accompanies climate change adaptation projects funded by the Adaptation Fund in ten countries. This paper also lines out, which multilateral adaptation funds are active in each of the ten AFN partner countries. This overview will provide adaptation practitioners working in those countries with a synthesis of adaptation initiatives and aims to trigger some thinking around how those different projects may harmonise their work in a more effective manner.

Briefing Paper


Lisa Junghans, Sönke Kreft & Alpha Kaloga



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