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The Adaptation Fund NGO Network is a coalition of NGOs and interested stakeholders following the development of the Adaptation Fund and its funded projects. It strives for a sustainable dynamic influence on politics and the engagement of civil society. It believes in the great chance to contribute to a successful implementation of projects funded by the Adaptation Fund in developing countries, for the benefits of those people and communities particularly vulnerable to climate change. The network directly supports NGOs in a number of developing countries, with a focus on direct access countries, by increasing their capacity to escort all relevant issues around the implementation of the project throughout the implementation period. 



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Legal and technical implications of converting the AF as an Operating Entity of the Financial Mechanism

There are discussions among some developing countries concerned with the lack of resources available for the AF, as well as in the Adaptation Fund Board. One theoretical option might be to re-designate the AF as an operating entity of the financial mechanism, which has been discussed during COP18. In response to the query, this paper briefly describes the available options how to do this and its potential merits and limits, both in terms of its practicality but also the political desirability and implications on the governance arrangements related to the AF Board. >> more
Cover_Germanwatch: 12 statements on readiness support for climate finance

Germanwatch: 12 statements on readiness support for climate finance

Climate Finance Readiness Support is vital for supporting the direct access modalities of international climate funds. As such, readiness support can take many forms. In close coordination with the Adaptation Fund NGO Network partners Germanwatch has developed twelve basic principles for climate finance readiness. >> more
Cover Briefing AF Board Meeting 24
Briefing Paper

Briefing on the 24th meeting of the Adaption Fund Board

From 9-10 October 2014, the 24rd meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board (AFB), the operating body of the Adaptation Fund established under the Kyoto Protocol, will take place in Bonn, Germany. In the two days prior to the meeting, the Board members will convene in their respective committees: the Ethics and Finance Committee (EFC) and the Project and Programme Review Committee (PPRC). >> more
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Directly Africa!

First Pan-African Workshop to support domestic institutions accessing climate finance

From 1st to 4th July the CDKN, Heinrich Boell Foundation, NEMA – the National Environment Management Authority of Kenya and the Secretariat of the Adaptation Fund (AF) organized a workshop that brought together existing and prospective accredited agencies under the Adaptation Fund (AF) and practitioners and experts of domestic climate change funds. >> more
Cover Presentation Caribbean Regional Hub

Regional Hub Workshop for the Caribbean

Report & Presentations

In June 2014 at the sidelines of the Standing Committee on Finance Forum and the Climate Investment Funds Stakeholder Forum, PANOS Caribbean (Jamaica) organized a 2 day workshop to launch the Caribbean Regional Hub under the Adaptation Fund NGO Network. Below are the presentations held by PANOS, Germanwatch, the Adaptation Fund and other participants of the workshops. >> more
Cover Newsletter June 2014

Newsletter June 2014

The newsletter dedicated to the activities of the AF NGO Network and around the implemented projects is published regularly. The newsletter No. 7 from June 2014 can be downloaded here. >> more
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News AFN

First Africa NIEs Workshop

1 - 4 July 2014

For the first time in Africa, this workshop will bring together accredited implementing entities of the UNFCCC Adaptation Fund on the continent and African institutions that wish to gain accreditation from the Adaptation Fund Board. >> more
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News AFN

Local voices in international adaptation policy architecture: Insights from Adaptation Fund projects

Side Event: 11.06.14, 1:15 - 2:45 pm

In the context of the UNFCCC Negotiations happening in Bonn from 4 to 15 June 2014 Germanwatch jointly with NEO Nepal will hold a Side Event on June 11th, 1:15 - 2:45 pm. >> more
Cover 23rd Meeting AFB

Report on the 23rd meeting of the Adaption Fund Board

From March 20–21 2014, the 23rd meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board (AFB), the operating body of the Adaptation Fund established under the Kyoto Protocol, was held in Bonn, Germany. This report summarizes the key decisions taken during the meeting. >> more


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