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The Adaptation Fund NGO Network is a coalition of NGOs and interested stakeholders following the development of the Adaptation Fund and its funded projects. It strives for a sustainable dynamic influence on politics and the engagement of civil society. It believes in the great chance to contribute to a successful implementation of projects funded by the Adaptation Fund in developing countries, for the benefits of those people and communities particularly vulnerable to climate change. The network directly supports NGOs in a number of developing countries, with a focus on direct access countries, by increasing their capacity to escort all relevant issues around the implementation of the project throughout the implementation period. 



Report Activities in Doha

AF NGO Network activities in Doha

This document describes activities that the AF NGO Network has undertaken in Doha. >> more
Insights from vulnerable developing countries

Independent insights from vulnerable developing countries

Making the Adaptation Fund work for the most vulnerable

This publication summarises the state of play in the Adaptation Fund and the key experiences of members of the Adaptation Fund NGO Network, at international policy level as well as within developing countries. >> more
Design of the green climate fund
Briefing Paper

Design of the Green Climate Fund

Some lessons learned from the Adaptation Fund

This paper aims at assessing critical elements of the AF for the GCF, by highlighting good practices identified and concerns raised by interested stakeholders w >> more
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News AFN

Making Adaptation Fund work for the most vulnerable communities

Workshop in Benin from 29 to 30 April 2012

The AF NGO Network organized an Africa Regional Workshop on the Global Climate Change Adaptation from 29 to 30 April 2012 in Atlantic Bea >> more
Significant Progress
News AFN

"Kyoto Protocol - Significant progress"

Article in D+C Development and Cooperation

In the journal D+C Development and Cooperation 2012/07 was published an article by Sven Harmeling & Alpha Kaloga about the Adaptation >> more
Significant Progress

Significant progress

Kyoto Protocol

Article in D+C Development and Cooperation (2012/07), page 287-289 >> more
State of operationalization AF

Adaptation Fund state of operationalization

A Power Point Presentation about the state of operationalization of the Adaptation Fund >> more
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News AFN

25 June 2012: live webcast of the CSO dialogue with the Adaptation Fund Board

On 25 June 2012, the Adaptation Fund Board has invited civil society organisations for another dialogue in advance of the 18th meeting of the AFB. >> more
Briefing 18th meeting of AF
Briefing Paper

Briefing on the 18th meeting of the Adaptation Fund

Which fund raising strategy is best for the AF

This briefing paper summarises the key issues that were on the agenda of the 18th meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board. >> more


About the AF NGO Network

AF NGO Network Baseline Mapping Series

Insights from Cambodia, Honduras, Jamaica, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania


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