Adaptation Fund NGO Network

How it works

This Network is a coalition of NGOs and interested stakeholders following the development of the Adaptation Fund (AF) and its funded projects.

Main objectives of the AF NGO Network

The AF NGO Network strives for a sustainable dynamic influence on politics and the engagement of civil society. It believes in the great chance to contribute to a successful implementation of projects funded by the Adaptation Fund in developing countries, for the benefits of those people and communities particularly vulnerable to climate change. The network directly supports NGOs in a number of developing countries, with a focus on direct access countries, by increasing their capacity to escort all relevant issues around the implementation of the project throughout the implementation period.

How will the AF NGO Network work?

In order to successfully accompany and influence the development of the Adaptation Fund, it will be crucial to take action within developing countries, where concrete adaptation projects will be implemented, as well as on the level of the Adaptation Fund Board, since this body shapes the rules and steers the direction of the Adaptation Fund. Furthermore, the work of the network is assisted by an Advisory Committee. Therefore, the AF NGO Network undertakes the following key activities on these two levels:

Action in developing countries

A key level of action is that within developing countries where concrete adaptation projects will be implemented. 
For the successful implementation as well as to ensure the accountability of the implementers it will be important that civil society stakeholders can observe and accompany the implementation of projects. Since scarce resources are a key constraint within developing countries, through the project resources acquired by the AF NGO Network NGOs in specific developing countries will be supported.

These partners will act as the focal point of the network in their project countries, and may also be important contact points for NGOs in other countries in their region. With support from the AF NGO Network they will carry out specific activities deemed appropriate given the specific national circumstances, such as workshops, policy dialogues etc, in order to raise awareness on, and inform about, the adaptation projects funded by the AF, look at potential implementation risks etc. A starting point will be a baseline mapping on which the activities will be identified as well as progress in the NGO work on the AF will be measured.  Therefore, the partners are also encouraged to forge a close relationship among themselves in order to better share best practice and difficulties experienced in their countries.

The selection of countries and partners is usually taken on the basis of funding decisions by the Adaptation Fund Board, since the AF NGO Network aims to particularly strengthen capacities where the actual AF project implementation will happen, and where constructive as well as sometimes critical NGO observation is required.

Current AF NGO Network partners in developing countries

Action on the level of the Adaptation Fund Board

The idea for setting up the AF NGO Network emerged from the work that Germanwatch as well as some other organisations were pursuing on the level of the Adaptation Fund Board: closely observing the development of the AF, through observation of the AFB meetings, through informal exchange with AFB members, through briefings and reports on the outcomes of the meetings as well as through letters to the AFB members. A regular newsletter will inform in a concise and focused manner about developments in the AF context, including reports from developing countries.

Adaptation Fund - NGO Newsletter and reports on Adaptation Fund Board Meetings

Adaptation Fund NGO Network annual strategy workshop (2018)

Adaptation Fund NGO Network annual strategy workshop (2018)

Left to right: Emmanuel Seck (Enda Energie), Nora Immink (intern), Yves Renard (Panos Caribbean),  Patricia Velasco (FFLA), Julio Carcamo (Fundación Vida), Julia Grimm(Germanwatch), Mawusé Hountondji  (JVE-Benin), Serge  Nsengimana (ACNR), Fazal Issa (ForumCC), Ehab Eid (JREDS), Farhan Syed (Develpment Alternatives), Elin Lorimer (Indigo), David Gorré (volunteer).

About the AF NGO Network

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Supported by BMUB

Supported by BMUB

This project is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag.