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The Adaptation Fund NGO Network is a coalition of civil society organisations (CSOs) engaging in discussions and debates on the Adaptation Fund's policies and closely following the planning and implementation of the Fund's projects. The Network's aim is to support those most vulnerable to climate change and ensure their benefit from the Adaptation Fund. This is why it works on strengthening transparent and participative processes within the Fund. The Network aims to ensure the effective engagement of civil society not only at Fund level, but also at the local level, throughout project planning and implementation. Making the Adaptation Fund work for the most vulnerable communities will strongly rely on the input and engagement of global civil society. >>> more 'About us'


Case Study
Mapping Evaluation AF funded projects
Prior to Doha meeting, the AF NGO Network has commissioned a case study in seven project countries funded by the Adaptation Fund.
Insights from vulnerable developing countries
Making the Adaptation Fund work for the most vulnerable
This publication summarises the state of play in the Adaptation Fund and the key experiences of members of the Adaptation Fund NGO Network, at international policy level as well as within developing countries.
Briefing Paper
Design of the green climate fund
Some lessons learned from the Adaptation Fund
This paper aims at assessing critical elements of the AF for the GCF, by highlighting good practices identified and concerns raised by interested stakeholders w
News AFN
Significant Progress
Article in D+C Development and Cooperation
In the journal D+C Development and Cooperation 2012/07 was published an article by Sven Harmeling & Alpha Kaloga about the Adaptation
Briefing Paper
Briefing 18th meeting of AF
Which fund raising strategy is best for the AF
This briefing paper summarises the key issues that were on the agenda of the 18th meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board.
News AFN
Bild: News
In time for the 18th AFB meeting, Jamaica had submitted its fully fledged proposal to the AFB.
Case Study, Report
Cover Into Unknown Territory
The Limits to Adaptation and Reality of Loss and Damage from Climate Impacts
The joint report by CARE, Germanwatch, ActionAid and WWF concludes that adaptation to climate change alone will no longer suffice. Governments will need to take new measures to deal with extreme impacts and prepare for losses due to climate change. Unless substantial efforts are taken immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage climate resilient development, global warming could exceed 4 and even 6°C.
Newsletter May 2012
The newsletter No. 4 from May 2012 can be downloaded in English, Spanish and French.
Briefing Paper
Performance Review of the Interim Arrangement of the Adaptation Fund
Adaptation Fund NGO Network’s Position
This document is a kind of policy paper that summarises the findings of the consultant as well as the comments made by the Trustee and the Secretariat thereupon.
Discussion Paper
Towards a consultative process
This briefing paper analyses 32 project concepts and 18 full developed proposals in the angle of the consultative process undertaken in both the in the preparat

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