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Side events related to the AF at the UNFCCC negotiations

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During the UNFCCC sessions in Bonn in June there were two side events worth mentioning in the context of the AF NGO Network.
On 9 June, Transparency International, Germanwatch and IIED hosted a side event on "Promoting civil society participation in climate governance: The Adaptation Fund and other examples". Speakers included Ilana Solomon from ActionAid presenting on civil society participation in the Climate Investment Funds and Iftekar Zaman from Transparency International Bangladesh office addressing the role of civil society and transparency and accountability challenges in Bangladesh. Sven Harmeling from Germanwatch presented on the Adaptation Fund and highlighted some good examples as well challenges to be addressed more proactively by the Board. The AF NGO Network was also introduced.

On 15 June, the Adaptation Fund Board held its side event to inform about key features and recent progress in the AF. Germanwatch was invited to provide some views, based on the experience of observers in the Adaptation Fund, on civil society participation in the Adaptation Fund. It was the first time that civil society was invited to present its views on the AF, so it was a welcome opportunity. 

The website of the Adaptation Fund contains photos and a brief summary of the event.


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