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New projects approved and direct access progressed at 14th meeting of the AFB

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Last week the AFB met for its 14th meeting. It took some important decisions. Three more adaptation projects were approved, from the Maldives, Mongolia and Turkmenistan. Furthermore, the Board endorsed the project concepts from Argentina, Djibouti, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Seychelles. The AFB did not endorse the project concept from Sri Lanka and the full project proposals from Guatemala, Madagascar and Tanzania. In particular the latter one was subject to substantial debates, since Tanzania submitted the proposal for the third time. The project discussions, usually held in closed sessions in the Project and Programme Review Committee, were one of the reasons why substantial parts of the overall AFB meeting were held in closed sessions, limiting observers possibilities to attend and follow the discussions. Hopefully this will be the exception and not become the rule.

On direct access the National Environment Fund of Benin was accredited with a number of conditions attached. Nevertheless, it provides another African LDC the option to implement projects through direct access. The AFB issued a press release on the outcomes of the 14th meeting. Germanwatch will be producing an independent report on the results of the meeting.

Sven Harmeling, Germanwatch


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