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Input on lessons learned in the Adaptation Fund into the Green Climate Fund process

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On 13th and 14th July, the Transitional Committee which is tasked to elaborate the modalities for the new Green Climate Fund is convening its 2nd meeting in Tokyo, Japan. This meeting has been preceded by a technical workshop which assesses the lessons learnt from different existing funds, inter alia the Adaptation Fund. Emmanuel Seck from ENDA (Senegal) and Sven Harmeling from Germanwatch were invited to attend the Tokyo workshop and present their views on lessons learnt in the Adaptation Fund. While attendance was not possible, we drafted a brief submission on some relevant lessons learnt, together with Benito Müller from Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. 
This submission has been posted on the Transitional Committee website and can be found here

Sven Harmeling, Germanwatch


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