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New projects up for comments on the Adaptation Fund Website

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A number of developing countries have submitted project proposals to the Adaptation Fund Secretariat in time to be discussed at the next meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board (AFB). This will take place from 14 to 16 September 2011 in Bonn. The project proposals are available on the AFB website and can also be publicly commented. Delivering comments, in particular from civil society from the respective countries, can help steet the AFB?s consideration of the projects. The AFB usually also provides guidance to the project proponents where they have to improve the project proposal.

There are a number of new project proposals from Belize, Cook Islands, Egypt, Mali and Samoa. Interestingly, Cook Islands have submitted their second project to the AF. The project concept of another proposal was endorsed last year, but the full proposal has not yet been submitted. Egypt has also submitted its second proposal, the first one was not approved by the AFB last year. Georgia and Papua New Guinea have submitted full project proposals, based on concepts endorsed earlier, while Mauritius? concepts was not endorsed last year, but now there is the full proposal. The proposals from Madagascar and Tanzania are revised versions, both have been considered by the AFB at the last meeting, but were not approved.

From a civil society point of view it is particularly important that the AF website contains a facility where projects can be commented before they are discussed by the AFB. Especially aspects such as the stakeholder consultation and the particular focus on most vulnerable communities, both of which lack more concrete guidance by the Board, should be looked at. 

If you want to comment on the projects, please do so on the AF website for Project and Programme Proposals

You can also send more informal comments to Alpha Kaloga, We will send some reflections on some projects to the AF Secretariat later on.


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