Discussion Paper

National Adaptation Plans

Towards Effective Guidelines and Modalities
National Adaptation Plans

by Germanwatch and WWF International

At the UN climate summit in Cancún in 2010 it was agreed to initiate a process for the development of guidelines and modalities for the preparation of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), in particular, but not exclusively for the Least Developed Countries. It is envisaged that the upcoming COP17 in Durban will take the first concrete decisions on this process and the next steps. 

This discussion paper jointly prepared by Germanwatch and WWF International highlights some of the key aspects of this important element of the Cancún Adaptation Framework. It concludes with recommendations for the decisions to be taken, building on the emergence of the concept of NAPs, an analysis of the experience with the National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) and similar processes in other environmental Conventions, and a summary of the most relevant views expressed by Parties to the UNFCCC in their submissions.


Discussion Paper


Sönke Kreft, Alpha Oumar Kaloga, Sven Harmeling



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