Cover: Tracking Tool

Tracking Adaptation: Not An Easy Task

Experiences made by four AFN partner organizations

In the context of the Adaptation Fund NGO Network a Tracking Tool was developed in order to provide an instrument to assess a country's current state of adaptation policies and frameworks regarding interplay and good adaptation. This paper is an evaluation of the Tracking Tool based on the experiences of four AFN partner organizations. >> more
Cover: Innovative Financing for the Adaptation Fund

Innovative Financing for the Adaptation Fund: Pathways and Potentials

By NewClimate Institute & Germanwatch e.V.

The Adaptation Fund has emerged as an important body in the multilateral adaptation finance landscape. It has pioneered novel approaches such as direct access, has streamlined project cycles to allow participation of small institutions and holds an impressive track-record of delivering results-based adaptation finance. Demand for its services is high among vulnerable developing countries. Continued interest was clearly visible during COP 22, where Parties showed willingness to carve a role for this Kyoto Protocol climate fund under the Paris Agreement. However, this potential is constrained by a continuous resource crunch in the Fund after its primary revenue source – a 2% share of proceeds levy from mitigation projects registered under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - dried up. >> more
Cover Tracking Paper

Adaptation: Get the connection

A national interplay of adaptation actors is important: How to track its progress?

For the past five years the Adaptation Fund NGO Network has been dedicating its work on accompanying projects carried out under the mandate of the Adaptation Fund. However, it is the reality that this is not sufficient to ensure a path towards rights-based adaptation funding and climate resiliency in our partner countries. This paper has the objective to look beyond the Adaptation Fund projects, particular assessing the state and level of interplay between different implementing and financing entities of adaptation projects being active in the same country. >> more
Cover Status Quo Paper
Briefing Paper

State of play in adaptation finance

An overview of different adaptation initiatives in ten countries and beyond

Climate change threatens countries which are most vulnerable to extreme weather events like floods, droughts and storms. Through adaptation projects, the population can learn to adapt to these climate risks and strengthen the resilience of important sectors like agriculture. There exist several climate funds which support adaptation projects. This paper aims to give an overview of the activities of the most active funds in this field. >> more
Cover Community Consultations

More than just words

A guide to effective community consultations

This guide offers information on four different methods of community consultation and tries to help along the process of preparing, conducting and analysing these consultations. The information presented in this guide can be used to facilitate the consultations, yet the conductor is free to choose which method is best used and how. >> more
Cover Rationalization
Briefing Paper

Rationalization of the Financial Mechanism of the UNFCCC: Options for Adaptation Finance

This paper is a contribution to the important debate around the issues of coherence and co-ordination of the financial mechanism. In light with the recent decisions in Lima and the man-date given to the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) in terms of rationalization, the paper analyses different options of the relationship between the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Global Environment Facility (GEF) as well as between the GCF and Adaptation Fund (AF). >> more
Cover Baseline Mappings

AF NGO Network Baseline Mapping Series

Insights from Cambodia, Honduras, Jamaica, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania

Seven Adaptation Fund NGO Network Partner have prepared Baseline Mappings describing the state of the Adaptation Fund project in their respective countries as well as outlining the overall climate change adaptation landscape. The Baseline Mappings all provide detailed insights into the countries' work on adaptation and thus serve as a ideal basis for a comparative analysis. >> more
Cover Implementations for AF

Legal and technical implications of converting the AF as an Operating Entity of the Financial Mechanism

There are discussions among some developing countries concerned with the lack of resources available for the AF, as well as in the Adaptation Fund Board. One theoretical option might be to re-designate the AF as an operating entity of the financial mechanism, which has been discussed during COP18. In response to the query, this paper briefly describes the available options how to do this and its potential merits and limits, both in terms of its practicality but also the political desirability and implications on the governance arrangements related to the AF Board. >> more
Cover_Germanwatch: 12 statements on readiness support for climate finance

Germanwatch: 12 statements on readiness support for climate finance

Climate Finance Readiness Support is vital for supporting the direct access modalities of international climate funds. As such, readiness support can take many forms. In close coordination with the Adaptation Fund NGO Network partners Germanwatch has developed twelve basic principles for climate finance readiness. >> more
Report Activities in Doha

AF NGO Network activities in Doha

This document describes activities that the AF NGO Network has undertaken in Doha. >> more